We are a family owned business based in Michigan.  We believe in helping people save money and also educating them in the products that they own or purchase from us.

2 Responses to About

  1. Tim Gray says:

    I have a lexmark printer z1300 with the#28 black cartridge and the #29 color cartridge. Can these cartridges be refilled,are do you sell areplacment cartridges for these thatI may refill? Thanks Tim Gray timc111@charter.net (864)421-3037

  2. Dan Neagu says:

    Hello. I just discovered your website yesterday. I refill cartridge, but perhaps you can tell me something:
    Is there a way to reset ink level for Lex32? Are Canon cartridges most refillable(above 6 times)? Is Canon the printer with the least price/page?I don’t ask about reliability.
    Do I have to use a refill Kit for Hp56?
    How do you refill Lex50(where do you drill the hole)?
    What (tri)color cartridge can be refilled from Hp?
    Should I buy a Canon with BCI-24(does printhead last)?

    Sorry I hope i don’t annoy you too much, and i promise this is the only message i’ll ask you in this manner. Thank you. Good site and don’t worry, i’m not competition as I write from miles away(Europe).

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