Holiday Season Photos – How to get the most for your money

November 11, 2009

With the holiday season upon us now, this is one of the prime times to get the printer working into overdrive.  You have holiday letters, holiday photos, family photos, pet photos, etc . . . so the question becomes, how do you spend less money on your Holiday Printing?

  1. Preview, Preview, Preview – Sounds simple, but more often than not, people do not preview what they print prior to printing.  Reading over the letter or looking closely at the photo prior to printing can help avoid spelling your kid’s new pet’s name wrong.  With photos, make sure that you want it printed like it is.
  2. Test print first – Before you print the final copy of anything, print off one or two copies on regular paper on the lowest quality and then inspect them.  Does it fit right, do the colors look okay (remember draft mode of quick mode will look faded), do I want to make any changes?  These are the questions to as prior to printing the final copy.
  3. Select the right paper – Believe it or not if you tell your printer through it’s properties that you are using glossy photo paper instead of matte or copy paper, it makes a difference.  Try to chose the paper that is closest to what you have.  Also, make sure you buy the right paper, Laser Paper does not absorb the ink correctly, unlike Inkjet Paper does (for photos).
  4. Make sure you have enough ink – Holiday Season is one time I stress to our customers to have one extra set on hand for their printer.  Finding out at 10 o’clock at night that you do not have enough ink for the family photo that is for the Christmas party tomorrow is never a good thing.
  5. Print in spurts – Do you have 100 letters you send out or 100 photos you include with the letters?  Do not print them all at once.  Printing in spurts of 10-25 can save you a lot of hassle.  If you run out of ink and your printer still keeps printing (Certain HP and Lexmarks), it is much easier to reprint 5 pages instead of 50.  Also, the printers need to cool down.  Inkjet printers are not designed for heavy use, so leaving them set for 5-10 minutes between prints is good.
  6. Take your photos somewhere to print them off – During the holiday season certain places have specials on printing photos for you.  The magic size is 5 x 7, most of the time prints smaller than that size are cheaper to have someone print for you.  While prints larger than that are cheaper to do at home.  But this depends on your printer as well.  Certain printers just cost more than others to run.

I hope this helps you with your printing needs and if you need any ink for those printers, look us up at


And there was one left.

November 4, 2008

This has been the year of price increases for printer cartridges.  First Kodak, then HP, followed by Lexmark, Xerox, and IBM.  I just received word today that Brother, Canon, and Oki are being added to the list.

Oki was kind enough to inform us that prices are going up a flat 5%, but Brother and Canon have not stated a rate of increase yet.

Out of the major players in the inkjet and consumer laser market, this just leaves Epson (we do not consider Dell a player due to the fact that Lexmark makes Dell’s products).  Which in the next couple months, I expect them to increase as well.  While our initial price increase were off a bit, we were right in that there would be a price increase.

The strange thing is that Oil has now dropped around 50% since the high back in July.  I doubt that any of the manufactures will lower their price increases since the drop in oil.  I think they will keep them high to make it better for the shareholders.

Once again at O-ink we have been able to keep our prices on our compatibles and remanufactured cartridges low and have not made any price increases this year.

Circuit City & Lexmark Printers – :-(

June 21, 2008

It seems Circuit City has become really smart with their printer sales.  They figured out that if you sell a printer where you can get the cartridge at any store, there isn’t much of a turn around.  However, if you sell printers that the only place you can get the cartridges is their store, they earn more money.

I first discussed this back in March (link is here), however, they have recently expanded the number of printers that they carry from Lexmark that CC is the only place to get the cartridges.  Besides the following printers, Lexmark X2480, X2580, X3480, X3580, X4580 and Z1480, CC has recently added the X2690 printer.  This printer takes the #4 Black and the #5 Color.

Compared to the other printers, at least with this one you can order the printer cartridges from Lexmark’s website.  However, they are currently not available at any other retail location.

Personally, since the printer is from Lexmark, I would not touch them with a ten foot pole.  If you need something cheap, look at HP.

HP’s New Office AIO Printers

March 7, 2008

HP just announced four new AIO printers for the spring this past week.  All of these are color inkjet AIOs that have faxing, scanning, printing, and copying capabilities.  Here is a break down of each one:

Officejet Pro L7590:  Base model is $300, 35 pages per minute (12 pages per minute at laser quality speed), wired networking, built in duplexing, use the HP 88 and HP 88XL individual cartridges.  Other models offer more feature like wireless networking, but do cost more.
Officejet J6400: Base model is $200, offers wired and wireless networking, built in duplexing, 31 pages per minute, and uses the 74/75 series of cartridges.

Officejet J4500: Base model is $100, 28 pages per minute, uses the new 901 series of cartridges (built using recycled plastic).

Officejet J3600: Base model is $100, no flatbed scanner, 20 pages per minute, attached phone, Uses the HP 54 black cartridge and 22 color cartridge.

I am mostly interested in the OJ Pro L7590 and the J4500.  The Officejet Pro series in the past year and half has proven to be very robust and economical to own.  The J4500, I am interested in the new 901 series of cartridges to see how they work.  One thing to note, only the J3600 fails to offer an XL cartridge that does 2-3 times the number of pages compared to the standard cartridge.

HP until the Fall of ’08 is focusing on their Officejet line with new packaging and marketing.