IE not printing correctly – what is to blame?

September 14, 2009

Had a customer with an unusual problem a couple weeks ago.  They could print from My Documents, but anything from IE (Version 8) would only print the header and footer, no body.  Do you know how hard that is to research?  Well, here is what I found.

  1. Check your add-ons.  Some add-ons can cause problems with printing in IE, so it is recommended to turn them all off, and then try printing.  If it works, then starting turning them on and printing.  Repeat process until it doesn’t work or they are all turned on.
  2. Do you have MSIA installed?  MSIA stands for Microsoft Software Inventory Analyzer.  Apparently when this is installed it causes the printing to not work correctly.  It is not required for anything so uninstalling it  causes no problem (According to Microsoft)
  3. Double and triple check the cartridges.  This was my customers problem.  We could print in black/white mode, but once we turned the color on it failed, why?  Her cartridge was shorted and empty.  It should have still printed what it could with the black cartridge, but for whatever reason it didn’t.  Darn Lexmarks 🙂 (She has a Lexmark X75)

Hopefully if you run into this problem it is an easy fix.  Happy Printing.