New Look to

October 2, 2009

We have just redid the look of  Listening to our customers, we found three things that needed work.

1.  Take off the ads – DONE

2.  Use some sort of Color scheme – Done

3.  Get pictures of all your products up there – In Progress

We have streamlined the website by taking all the ads off.  Links for our empty program and RIO refill program are now on the side bar.

A very big recycling list

March 3, 2009

We often get asked “where can I recycle this or that?”  And most of the time, I am baffled.  However, thanks to the great folks over at, they have made it easy for me and you now.

They have complied a list of everyone who recycles tech products, you name it it is on the list.  Here is the link.

Of course, if you need to recycle printer cartridges, look at us first.  Here is our link.

Staples changes ink recycling program

January 24, 2009

Walking into my local Staples today, they had a nice big sign by the door.  It simply read, Starting Feburary 1st, 2009 Staples will limit the number of cartridges you can recycle to 10 per month per person.

So instead of 3 per day, now it is 10 per month.  A drastic reduction.  Good news is they still recycle all HP, Dell, Lexmark, and Kodak cartridges.