HP Security Risk on Lasejet Printers

February 10, 2009

A great article from samedayinkjet.wordpress.com on the latest HP network risk on Laserjet printers.

Here is the link.

Cartridge is in printer, but where is it?

March 23, 2008

Everyone I know has had it at least one time that they installed their printer cartridge into the printer, only to have the printer fail to recognize it.  So what is a person supposed to do in that situation.

1.  Double Check the cartridge – Is it the right cartridge for the printer.  Some times it is that simple that the wrong cartridge was purchased.  If you can try to return it if it happens to be the wrong cartridge.

2.  Is it installed correctly – Is there anything that needs to be removed?  Some printer cartridge manufactures put a blue tape over the printhead or yellow tape over the air intake, these need to be removed.  Do not remove the copper contacts from the cartridge.  This is not tape, it is how the cartridge talks to the printer.  Think of them like the nerves in your hand, take them out your hand is still there, but it will not do anything.  Also, make sure the cartridge is in the right slot.  I have seen it a couple times that a person has installed the cartridge into the wrong location.  This can possibly harm the cartridge or printer or both.  It can be removed, but is not easy.

3.  Electrical failure – This is the most common problem that happens, with both new and refilled cartridges.  Sometimes the contacts do not want to work.  There is nothing you can do for this.  However, if three different replacements do not work, look at the printer instead.

4.  Software – Does the printer’s software know you installed a new cartridge?  Some printer’s driver need to be told that a new cartridge has been installed.  Lexmark and Epson are the most common with this.  Canon can do this as well, but with refilled cartridges sometimes you have to push certain keys on the printer or AIO.

Printer Drivers, where to find them

March 3, 2008

Many times we get questions about, I got a new printer, but lost the CD where do I get the software for it?  Or I had to uninstall my printer and I have no Idea where my CD is at any more.

Well here are the links for the major companies.

HP Support

Lexmark Support

Epson Support

Canon Support

Dell Support

Brother Support 

So if you lose your CD, get a yard sale printer, or have to reinstall it, look at those sites to help you get the software for your printer.

Have Vista?  Check the websites first to see if you get get your printer to work with Vista.  Most of the older printers are no longer supported.  That means you have to get a new printer.