Kodak ads run wild, but what about the products?

Kodak has started to run a lot of ads promoting their printers.  I saw 5 of them in a two hour time limit on March 29th.  They are promoting low cost print options.  Which is good, people need to save.  but is the quality and cost really there to get them to switch?

I looked at three websites, pcmag.com, pcworld.com, and reviews.cnet.com to see what their reviews on the printers were.  Most of the reviews were okay, but the common theme was, you can better spend your money elsewhere.  Quality of the printer and print-outs were not great was in almost every review.

One of the big things Kodak was mentioning in their ads was the low cost of their printer ink.  It does have a low cost, I will give them that, but does that low cost turn out to be a low cost of ownership.  NO.  According to PCMag.com, printing on a light duty (you can see how they determined that on the website), over a three year period, Kodak was the most expensive.  Most of my customers I would consider them light duty printing, with the exception of the businesses.

I have yet to recommend any Kodak printer to any of our customers, and I plan on keeping it that way.  Low cost cartridges is one thing, but you must have the quality behind it.


3 Responses to Kodak ads run wild, but what about the products?

  1. narnfeld says:

    Kodak is a great brand , there is no doubt. Are you comments referring to any use of inkjet printers, or are photographic printing treated in a different category.

    Great post about cost of ownership – there are so many claims out there and they tend to be contradictory. Total cost of ownership is such a complex area – there is no one solution to fit all to get a cheap inkjet printer and maintain it with cheap inkjet cartridges and the right type of paper

    • oinkinkstore says:

      Kodak Printers in general are not the best. Both for everyday printing as well as for photo printing. I feel they jumped on a bandwagon to make money since the film aspect has dropped so much.

  2. […] reference to the blog post about kodak printers that  I made, most review placed don’t think the highest of them.  However, this is […]

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