The Unseen Business Security Risk

Look around any business and what do you see that are security risk?

Computer – It can be.

Printer – Rare but possible.

Employees – They can be.

Fax Machine – Yes it can be.

While most business are going away from faxes, quite a few still use them for everyday business.  Sending and receiving orders, sending information to a client, the list can go on, but the fact remains it can be a big security risk.

The reason why, is mainly due to one reason, Fax Film.  That waxy based film doesn’t seem like much, but in the wrong hands it can be powerful.  The problem of fax film is that it records an image as you receive a fax.  So that page you get with the information on it, if you have a fax film instead of ink or toner, there is a second copy in the machine.

Just going through a businesses trash can provide much information.  I showed one of our customers their fax film after use.  I was telling them what was ordered, who signed for it, all the details, just by unravelling it a little bit.  So what can you do?

  1. Get rid of the machine.  If you need a fax, get an inkjet or laser based one.
  2. If you can not replace it, burn the film.  You can not get an image or copy from ashes.

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