Circuit City & Lexmark Printers – :-(

It seems Circuit City has become really smart with their printer sales.  They figured out that if you sell a printer where you can get the cartridge at any store, there isn’t much of a turn around.  However, if you sell printers that the only place you can get the cartridges is their store, they earn more money.

I first discussed this back in March (link is here), however, they have recently expanded the number of printers that they carry from Lexmark that CC is the only place to get the cartridges.  Besides the following printers, Lexmark X2480, X2580, X3480, X3580, X4580 and Z1480, CC has recently added the X2690 printer.  This printer takes the #4 Black and the #5 Color.

Compared to the other printers, at least with this one you can order the printer cartridges from Lexmark’s website.  However, they are currently not available at any other retail location.

Personally, since the printer is from Lexmark, I would not touch them with a ten foot pole.  If you need something cheap, look at HP.


2 Responses to Circuit City & Lexmark Printers – :-(

  1. gale says:

    I agree. and I am furious that I was not informed when I purchases my lexmark X2690 from circuit city that ink could only be purchased from circuit city! nasty business. Now that circuit city is also GOING out of business in my area, I can only buy it online…so a single black ink cartridge cost me $26 today. I will NEVER but another lexmark product AGAIN. EVER EVER EVER.

  2. […] I want to talk about their printers.  A while ago, I made a post regarding CC and Lexmark printers.  That their exclusive printers they sold from Lexmark were really Europe models, which means you needed to get your cartridges from CC, or Lexmark UK (and on some,  Now with them going out of business, what does that mean for the supplies.  (see my article here) […]

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