Using the right paper in your printer.

I do apologize as it has been a while since I have posted.  Family things and other work items have taken me away for a bit.

Paper, it all pretty much seems the same, but it really isn’t.  You have copy, inkjet, laser, photo, label, speciality, transparancy, and many more that I am forgetting.  I am just going to talk about some tips about paper and printers.

1.  Only use paper made for your printer:  Inkjet printers are really not made for laser paper and laser printers are not designed for inkjet.  Inkjet paper is made to hold in the ink, while laser paper is designed to withstand the high heat that a laser printer puts out.  While actual inkjet and laser paper cost more, a safe bet is multi-use paper.

2.  Photo paper in laser printers, only if you want to ruin it:  Photo paper is made to hold ink, not toner from laser printers.  Putting in photo paper into a laser printer to print off a photo is all good, but you might ruin the laser printer as the toner has nothing to fuse to.  Unless the paper says it is made for laser printers, do not put it in there.

3.  Labels – Everything for labels is the same as photo paper.

The paper you use depends on the output you get.  If you want photo quality, use photo paper made for your printer (i.e. HP printer – HP paper).  Sometimes off brands are okay, but stick with the name brands on photo paper.


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