Earth Day and Inkjet Printers

Earth Day 2008 is just around the corner and once again we are reminded about how much we waste and that we should recycle.

Printers are no different. Today I am going to pick on inkjet printers. Here are somethings to help you reduce your ink usage.

  1. TURN IT OFF – Leaving a printer on will waste power. On some printers, they run automatic cleaning cycles, while this keeps the nozzles clear, it does use ink. If it is off, it can not run.
  2. Play with your quality settings – Ever look at the preferences for your printer (Also called the printer driver), it can be a powerful tool. You can change paper settings, quality settings, double sided printing and more. I recommend that people look at the quality settings. Lowering the quality will reduce the ink that your printer uses when it prints a page. Also turning on the black ink only will not use your color cartridge.
  3. Do you need it printed? *Disclaimer* I sell printer cartridges for a living and want you to print as much as you can so you can buy more cartridges from me, but I would rather be honest to you.* Do you really need to print that off or is it going to be thrown away like most things?
  4. Use scrap paper – Why waste a new sheet of paper for something a quarter page long, use that paper that you just thrown out.
  5. Be careful on photos – Once again, while I love people printing photos off, get a digital picture frame. If you need to print it off, make sure you want it.
  6. Get a Black Laser Printer – While Color lasers are the rage right now, their cost are actually higher than inkjets, a black laser printer is a good investment. Usually they are cheaper to run and faster than an inkjet printer.

Also, check out this video that I was referred to. Makes things interesting.

The Dirty Little Secret of Inkjet PrintersClick here for more home videos
Have a happy Earth Day and do your part by buying recycled products


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