New Products from O-ink

Time for a quick update with what are some of the new products we are carrying and selling both on our website or at our two stores.

Canon PGI-5 Black and CLI-8 Colors – Since Canon has came out with the PGI and CLI series of cartridges, they have jumped ahead in quality and service in many polls ( for one). A problem for the refillers on this cartridge was the fact that Canon included a chip that recognized the cartridge. Well after being on the market for 2 years, there is now a way to reset the chips. Currently the PGI-5 Black CLI-8 Black CLI-8 Cyan CLI-8 Magenta and the CLI-8 Yellow are all in-stock. The two photo cartridges are coming soon. These are all filled to the same as the OEM cartridges and carry our one year satisfaction guarantee.

HP 74XL and 75XL – The new 74/75 series is replacing the 90 series of cartridges. Each cartridge comes in two flavors, standard and XL. While the Standard cartridge is cheaper, the XL cartridge has double the cost for triple the page yield, simply put, it is cheaper for the consumer. These are all filled to the same as the OEM cartridges and carry our one year satisfaction guarantee.

Dell 1320 Color Laser Cartridges – The Dell 1320 is a small color laser printer that runs around $300 to buy from Dell or Staples. While they do not have the best page yield, it does offer a customer a color laser printer at a low price.

Lexmark Replacement 24035/24015/34015HA/34035HA Black Laser HY – The Lexmark 24015 and 24035 are both 2500 page yield cartridges while the 34015/34035 are both 6000 page yields.  While they may look the same, they do not work in the other’s printers due to the chip.  The replacement that O-ink has are at the 6,000 page yield mark for both of them.  It will work in the following printers:

Lexmark: E230, E232, E234, E238, E240, E330, E332, E340, E342
Dell: 1700, 1700n, 1710
IBM: 1412, 1512


2 Responses to New Products from O-ink

  1. Weglarski says:

    you have cli8 reseter?

  2. oinkinkstore says:

    O-ink does not have a chip resetter, but purchases from a company who resets and refills the cartridges for us.

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