Bait and Switch by Lexmark??

This past week we had a customer come in and purchase replacement cartridges for a Lexmark 28 and 29 cartridges, which she pulled out of her Lexmark X2580. They didn’t work for the customer, and we were closed, so they went to a big retailer and purchased the official Lexmark Return Program 28 and Return Program 29 for their printer. By the way, they pulled out the 28 and 29 from their printer when they became empty.

Those didn’t work. Strange that the exact same cartridge that was pulled out didn’t work, especially since it was from Lexmark. The customer actually called Lexmark for troubleshooting. What was the problem, she was buying the wrong cartridges.

But how could they be the wrong cartridges? They matched to the number to what she pulled out. Well according to Lexmark’s Website they will not work. They take the #2 Color and or the #3 Black. And the X2580 is not the only printer affected. Here is the list of printers that will take the #2 and #3:

Item Printer #2 Color Cartridge #3 Mono Cartridge #31 Photo Cartridge
1 Lexmark Z738 Yes
2 Lexmark Z1380 Yes Yes Yes
3 Lexmark Z1480 Yes Yes
4 Lexmark X2480 Yes
5 Lexmark X2580 Yes Yes Yes
6 Lexmark X3480 Yes
7 Lexmark X3580 Yes Yes Yes
8 Lexmark X4580 Yes Yes Yes

So if you have one of those printers, which you can only purchase at Circuit City in the USA, do not get the number 28 or 29, you need the 2 and 3.

Currently O-ink has the #2 replacement available for the public to purchase at our website.  We also can refill the #3 cartridge through our mail in program.

*UPDATE* – O-ink now has the #3 replacement available at our stores and our website.  Here is the article.


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